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Prior to opening Dickie Doo Bar-B-Que in April 1972, Marge & John Hangley had enjoyed weekends on the Lake of the Ozarks where John smoked a variety of meats and ribs, which they would then sell from the boat of some friends. Regular visitors on the Lake began to look for the Hangleys when they wanted good bar-b-que.

Now, as you know, boats have names just like the rest of us, though sometimes boats’ names can be weird. Well, the Hangley’s friends had named their boat “Dickie Doo.” Hungry people around the Lake began to search out the “Dickie Doo” to get their hands on that wonderful food.

When the Hangleys decided to open a “land” restaurant in the early ‘70s, it seemed only natural to take advantage of an identity already established with bar-b-que lovers at the Lake. Dickie Doo Bar-B-Que was born on the water and raised on the highway and, so far, thanks to friends like you, has had a pretty good life.

Since its opening, the Doo has changed hands a few times with each owner adding a little more to the menu and atmosphere that the place is today. Sam brought in the blues with live music; Fred built the first phase of the deck to have great live music under the stars; and Rick expanded the deck, or “The Party Porch,” and built a stage inside so there’s never an excuse to not have good food, good times and good music!

Give us a try for lunch, dinner or an evening of music. You’ll discover for yourself that Dickie Doo Bar-B-Que is GREAT bar-b-que…and so much more!  Let's Do the Doo!